Doculicious Booking Form Style Example

This is the Community Hall Booking Form template with a style applied. Styles are pretty easy to create as they start out looking just like the original template, you then move things around, change colors, fonts and other settings all in our powerful WYSIWYG designer.

We used a style on the PDF download too. It's a little harder to notice, but if you compare this PDF against the standard Booking Form one you'll see that the font face has changed from Arial to Times, as serif font faces like Times are easier to read on printed material.

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The following template is fully functional - give it a try. Click on a field, press tab to move through the rest. Click 'Submit and download' to get the generated PDF. When you're finished, head back to the examples. <div style="margin-bottom: 20px;">Your browser does not support frames, so you can't complete this form here. However, you can <a href="">click here to download a PDF file of this form</a></div>
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