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Digital Carpenter Pty Ltd was founded by Chris Carpenter and Yun Song, a husband and wife team who reside and work in Sydney, Australia. Previously run as a small business mainly doing consulting and development work, we incorporated in November 2008 to coincide with the launch of

Doculicious is the culmination of over 12 months design and development of an application whose goal was to allow people to create formatted, graphical documents in their browser - and make them as easy to use as filling in a web form. The underlying system was completed in July 2008, and after extensive testing we quickly set about creating solutions for specific areas of concern.

While researching the forms and templates required for another project, we came across many organisations and companies that still use static PDF files, forcing their clients to download, print and handwrite them. We thought that our solution could easily be modified so that anyone could create templates and then embed them on their website. Not only making their lives easier, but also their customers.

So was born, and our initial idea has morphed to not only allow people to easily create documents within our site, but to give them the tools to create compelling, interactive and time saving content for themselves, and their clients and site visitors. We hope that it helps you to create a better website experience, and we would love to hear any feedback on your use, or opinions, of Doculicious. Please feel to contact us to share your thoughts.

Inspiration, support and resources have come from many places while building We'd like to thank:
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