Doculicious Booking Form Example

You could use a booking form like this one to accept bookings from your website while still providing your visitors with a downloadable file they can fax or mail back to you.

This is how a standard doculicious template looks. It has the dimensions of a printed page and looks similar to a PDF form, yet it can be edited in a web browser. Click its fields and try it out.

When you're finished, check out this template using a custom style

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The following template is fully functional - give it a try. Click on a field, press tab to move through the rest. Click 'Complete and download' to get the generated PDF. When you're finished make sure to check out this same template using a style or head back to the examples. <div style="margin-bottom: 20px;">Your browser does not support frames, so you can't complete this form here. However, you can <a href="">click here to download a PDF file of this form</a></div>
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