Doculicious Award Certificate Form Example

This example shows how Doculicious can make truly different types of web forms and templates. This Award Certificate uses Image Fields to allow anyone to change its look. Click on the border, the flower or the heading text to upload a new, or choose an existing, image.

Doculicious will scale any images so that they display faster on the web form, but will use the higher quality image in the PDF download for better quality printing.

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The following template is fully functional - give it a try. Click on a field, press tab to move through the rest. Click 'Complete and download' to get the generated PDF. When you're finished, head back to the examples. <div style="margin-bottom: 20px;">Your browser does not support frames, so you can't complete this form here. However, you can <a href="">click here to download a PDF file of this form</a></div>
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